28 julio 2009

Is There a Role for Laboratory Testing in Pain Medicine? or How to Objectify the Subjective?

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Pain patients can be difficult. They have a tendency to be angry, mistrustful, anxious and depressed. In return this provokes among clinicians negative feelings of frustration, resentment and dislike, challenging the therapeutic dialogue. It seems that “more-or-less” similar patients, with “more-or-less” similar symptoms and diagnosis, with “more-or-less” similar treatments, manifest radically different outcomes. Why is this? Is there a way to explore the Subjectivity of Pain? Is there a way to ‘Objectify the Subjective’? Dr. Alex Cahana, Chief, Division of Pain Medicine, Anesthesiology, at the University of Washington begins to grapple with these troubling questions in this presentation.

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